Quality first, the customer is supreme is evergreen group the quality policy. The first-class management to make the first-class quality, evergreen group from restructuring start high, high demand on the push, from the domestic and foreign advanced management mode and experience, the introduction of high quality management personnel, has established a set of effective and scientific management system. In the production quality management, we mainly from the following several respect with: The employment, a high quality the staff A enterprise, personnel quality is the key. Evergreen group production line workers from all professional school recruitment, management is introduced from around the country with rich management experience and talents, first from the quality of talents aspects guarantee the product quality. Second, the high standards of hardware facilities Company production plant and equipment refer to GMP standard construction, the production equipment with all of stainless steel, the workshop USES 100000-grade purification, guarantee first-class production environment and production facilities. Three, scientific and reasonable production process The company by