Diced Aloe Vera Gel

PRODUCT NAME: Diced Aloe Vera Gel
BOTANINCAL SOURCE: Aloe barbadensis
USES: This product was manufactured by selecting the fresh leaves, peeling and cutting the gel of aloe leaves into dices, then washing and sterilizing them. This product can be used as snack in the restaurant, canteen, and cold drinks shop, as well as the beverage and yoghourt manufacturer, so as to enhance the health value of your products.
Physical statistics Specification
Physical state
Slight yellow translucent granules
Aloe polysaccharides (mg/100ml) NLT 40.0
Net weight ( g ) 5000 ± 75
PH 3.2~4.7
Solid ( % ) 30.0~60.0
Soluble solid (%) 5~18
Rate of solid 50~80
Microbial Assay  
Total bacterial count(cfu/ml) NMT 100
Coliform(MPN/100ml) NMT 3
Mildew(cfu/ml) NMT 10
Pathogenic bacterium Negative
Caution: Keep in cool and dry warehouse. Protect it form light and piled storage. Keep away form poisonous or decayed subjects. After opening the bag, you should use it, or store in refrigeratory.
Shelf life: One year
Processing Equipment: