100:1 Aloe Vera Whole Leaf Freeze Dried Powder

PRODUCT NAME: 100:1 Aloe Vera WL FD Powder
BOTANINCAL SOURCE: Aloe barbadensis
USES: This product was extracted by advanced technology from the fresh aloe vera leaves. It is stabilized, membrane sterilized at normal temperature before germfree packing and vacuum freeze dried. It contains Barbaloin,anthronal compound,aloe polysaccharides,organic acid and many other active components. Besides wide use in the manufacturing of cosmetics , hair care , pharmaceutical , everage , food, this product is also adopted as a main ingredients in health articles to boost human immunity, reduce blood fat and sugar, regulate blood pressure, nourish liver and stomach, and remove specks for beauty.
Physical statistics Specification
Physical state
light yellow ~ yellow powder
Aloe polysaccharides (mg/100ml) NLT 6000.0
Aloin (mg/100ml) NLT 500.0
PH 3.5~5.0
Absorbency (400nm) NMT 2.5
Water (%) NMT 5
Microbial Assay  
Total bacterial count(cfu/ml) NMT 1000
Coliform(MPN/100ml) NMT 3
Mildew(cfu/ml) NMT 10
Pathogenic bacterium Negative
Note: The PH value and absorbency are under the condition of detect of 1:1 aloe vera juice.
Caution: Keep in cool and dry place avoiding the light and damp,protect from oxidation,this product is a natural aloe preparation, which will turn dark afer long storage .
Shelf life: Two years.
Processing Equipment( freeze dried):